Barkley Sound Fishing Report for March 30th, 2014

This weekend brought some typical Ucluelet spring weather with wind, rain and sunshine. Seas were 2 to 3 metres so we ventured into Barkley Sound to fish Swale Rock. Mike, Jennifer and six year old Jayden returned for an early season outing.

We hooked and release a number of undersized Chinook as the morning progressed. As the skies broke and the sun poked out I decided to send em deep and right away we were rewarded with a nice 10lb fish at 157 ft. on the green glo flasher and splatter back needle. As tide change neared we fished a little deeper into Sechart Channel and managed to hook and land a nice 13 lb. Chinook at 147 ft. on the same rig. This made the little fella go nuts, I mean this kid is a pro when it comes to laying the lights out on a fish. His mom and dad have no idea what they are in for as Jayden gets older and hones in on his skills as an angler.

With the weather looking to improve as each week passes, look to start venturing out to the open sound and banks such as South Bank, Lighthouse Bank and Long Beach to start intercepting the first waves of south bound Chinook. These will be a mix of spring and summer run Fraser fish as well as the highly anticipated return of Columbias.

Feel free to give us a call for an up to the minute report or to book today.

Tight lines,

The Crew @ Big Bear


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