Rods and Reels

We use only the best, time-tested and experience-backed rods & reels for all of our fishing charters:

Simply put, halibut are big fish. With many topping thirty pounds, halibut fishing requires rods & reels that can handle some heavy action. For halibut fishing, we use the Shimano Trevala halibut fishing rod TVC-H 6’6”. This super slim halibut fishing rod has superior sensitivity and can handle heavy action. It has a 80-200# line rating. We also use Fenwick halibut fishing rods, which like the Shimano have superior quality, outstanding sensitivity, and the ability to support heavy action.

Avet 2-speed reels and Shimano rods

Along with these top-notch halibut fishing rods, we need superior halibut fishing reels. We use Avet LX6/3 two-speed halibut fishing reels. The Avet LX6/3 two-speed reels have a lever drag control system with a pre-set drag feature. They’re 100% machined, type two anodized, and have a true one-piece aluminum frame. The reels have the largest line capacity in their class and offer superior control over large fish.

For salmon fishing, we use 10.5 foot Shimano Technium rods. For many guides and lodges on the west coast, this rod ranks number one. It’s crafted for medium to heavy action and it’s perfect for fishing on downriggers. With ceramic eyelets for non-abrasive resistance toward the line, the Shimano Technium Rod has superior durability.

We use Islander MR2 mooching reels for salmon angling. The Islander MR2 mooching reel is a single action, direct drive reel. Its spool lever allows you to completely disengage the drag, and its spool side drag adjustment knob is buttery smooth and infinitely adjustable. Its light wear resistant engineering plastic does not absorb water. As a result, the reel can withstand just about any environment. We load our Islander reels with 50# braided backing and 40# test Maxima Ultra green monofilament line



We use exclusively MR2 Islander reels.
The finest precision offshore reel for fighting trophy salmon.


Avet LX6/3 Two-Speed Reel and the Shimano Trevala TVC-H 6'6

Avet LX6/3 Two-Speed Reel and the Shimano Trevala TVC-H 6'6"


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